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In short, issues of belonging will be addressed.

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More inclusive places will be created, collectives with feminist themes, struggles against gender violence, abuse, social violence, sensitivity towards those who suffer the most, and social inequality. Social conscience will have a dominant place this year. Different kind of groups will be formed, friendships will be created in the form of a chosen family.

A more feminine and lunar archetypal model will emerge or be enhanced. It will unite us both personally and collectively.

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The human tribe will become aware of this need. As an individual you will have to contribute to the groups with whom you feel identified.

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Very old and rigid patriarchal structures will be liberated. On the other hand, ecological awareness will also be enhanced. Many gender minorities will tend to group together to fight for their rights. Individually, this will be a time to connect with our feelings and not repress them, to be honest with what happens to us; a moment to nourish others, protect, contain; building inclusive networks in our community. There will be an increase in migration, there will be a lot of movement with people leaving and people returning to their country of origin, it will change the concept of family and home, and the role of the father within the family.

History will be revered, what our ancestors did. Therapies will be a focus for healing the family story. Issues related to child malnutrition in the world, children's rights, and child labor will also be reviewed. Time shared by the family will be considered, the time that the parents share with the children and loved ones.

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Questions will be reevaluated in relation to conventional jobs in relation to personal undertakings. This astrological climate leads us to make contact with the darkness of our governments, corruption, deceptions, concentrated power in the hands of businessmen, institutions, and religions. On the other hand, the resurgence of fascism in South America, Europe and North America as well as xenophobia and refugee problems will be consolidated. We will have to recover that power at an individual and collective level.

Communities should appropriate the power that has been yielded too often to these sectors.

There will be an intense need to return to ethical values. All the excesses that governments have committed in recent years must be restructured. Share it:.

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Lunar nodes are mathematical points of connection between the Moon and the Sun. Then, get ready for the lunar eclipse in feels-heavy Cancer on July 16 to expose old wounds for you to face head-on. Your tongue proves mightier than the sword on August 19, when Mars moves into analytical Virgo—carefully choose your battles, and end old ones with a quip worthy of Dorothy Parker. Enjoy your summer of hedonism and play carefully. The eclipses in July stimulate your need to take control in the boudoir. The weather may be hot, but things will reach a feverish pitch inside under the full moon August Start shopping for thigh-high boots worthy of worship now.

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Today\\\'s Free Horoscope For Cancer

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